Are Small Business Debt Consolidation Reduction Loans Right For Your Company?

Being in financial debt can sometimes be extraordinarily difficult. You need to face the regular day-to-day expenses and still try to pay off financial obligations that you have accumulated in the past. The modern-day economy does not help anything at all. Sometimes you get behind on the bills and then you start getting the dreaded calls from collection agencies.

Get the authorities involved. The Federal Industry Commission enforces the collection agency laws Practices Act. You can also contact your state attorney general.

Concentrate on 30 percent or less since the ideal target for charge card balances. When you keep your obligations lower than this level, it can help your credit profile generally.

The great benefit of a collection agency for small business consolidation is that it reduces your monthly payments. This means you are able to continue to build your business without highly monthly payments getting in the way in which. Unlike individual debt difficulties, businesses offer more money later on. As your business grows, it provides more equity, and your financial debt will become less of a problem.

So, first items first. Act big — what I mean is act like a huge company – if they are strong – they will understand your own actions. After all, if they avoid, it probably means they are in the same bad financial debt boat themselves before too much time!

Revealing the borrower’s situation to other people (employers etc . ). biggest debt collection agencies are meant to take all reasonable procedure for ensure that their actions usually do not alert other people to the borrower’s situation. This would include talking with your boss at work or even someone that lives in your home.

Not really keeping records. To be able to impose your rights, you’ll need to maintain some records. This will suggest a phone log (the number of calls and when may both be violations of the FDCPA); notes from the phone calls (what they say to you might not be abusive, harassing or a misrepresentation); and all the letters these people send to you (they should have the proper notices and may not really confuse you about what you should do) as well as the letters a person send to them. All of these should be kept for you to better create your case.

Phase 4) Call a selections agency. Collections agency can collect the debt, but it can cost you 30% of the overall amount. Plus the debt selections company is going to want to indication you up for additional deals. This is a straightforward guide in order to collect a small business debt.

May 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor,

Greetings from Temple Baptist Church in New Iberia, LA!! Today we started a Passing the Mantle Regional Conference in Cajun Country for Pastor Aaron Weido. Pastor Vernon Mghee of the Bible Baptist Church in Conway, AR will join the meeting tomorrow, and I’m sure that he will be a tremendous blessing as he always is.
Seventeen years ago I walked in the Bethel Baptist Church in Walls, MS as a twenty- two year old young man that Satan had a strong hold on. It was the church that loved me when I was not worth loving. It was the church that gave me the great message of salvation. It was the church that I was baptized in and became a member of. It was the church, at the old fashion altar where I made things right with my mama and daddy. It was the church, where I felt the call to preach and  surrendered to that call. It was under the umbrella of that same church that has Tri- State Baptist College, where I sat in the classroom and learned the word of God, and learned to have fire in the pulpit with a tear in the eye. It was the church where I met my wonderful wife Nikita. It was the church, that for the last seven years has sent us out as her representatives in the field of evangelism. It was the church, where Ron Westmoreland has mounted the pulpit as pastor for the last twenty-six years. Bro Westmoreland has not only been my preacher and pastor, but also my spiritual father. Never one time have I ever heard Bro Westmoreland question the word of God, but quiet the contrary by dogmatically and confidentially standing on the Bible as Gods final authority. Everything about ministry, ethics, testimony in and out of  the pulpit, and just simply loving people where they are at, I learned from Bro Westmoreland. I just want to thank God for my church and my pastor.
This week begins a new era and phase for Nikita and I, and the Sheepdog Ministries. As I hope,  I got the message across in the previous paragraph; the church and pastor is a very big deal to us and the ministry in which God has called us in. This coming Sunday we will join the Calvary Baptist Church in Eufaula, OK where JR McDonald is the pastor. As many of you already know, Calvary Baptist Church is a great ministry and has a goodly heritage to say the least. It also is a unique ministry that has the Calvary Baptist Boys Ranch and City of Refuge program that reaches out to troubled teens and men that for whatever reason has got on the wrong path in life, and try to help them get on the path to God. Bro JR took over the pastorate and became the director of Calvary Baptist Ministries three years ago after his father and founder of the ministries went home to be the Lord. I first went to Calvary six years ago after an invitation from Bro JR to come and preach on a Wednesday night church service, and have been closely connected with the ministry for the last three years. I have spent countless hours with Bro JR in ministry related and non ministry related functions, and I can definitely say that he is a man of God that loves the old fashion way, and stands strong on the word of God. It is an honor and privilege for Nikita and I to call the Calvary Baptist Church our home and JR McDonald our pastor.
We will still travel full time in evangelism. We are not veering away from what God has called us into, but just adding to the ministry. Please pray that we can be a blessing to the ministry of Calvary, as they have been a tremendous blessing to us. We love each and everyone of you, and pray for you often.
Until He Comes,
Chris Dallas